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valentine’s day gifts for bae

ah, valentine’s day. a holiday filled with desperation, regret, tragedy, and occasionally over-priced flowers. i’ve never been a fan of february 14; even as a grown up in a real-life committed and in-love relationship, i think it’s pretty dumb. i would actually consider myself a romantic, but valentine’s day is just a bridge too far. for a real laugh, check out this npr article for some fun facts about the holiday dating back to the romans. spoiler: it includes women being chosen as brides from a jar, and death.

all that said, i am still a functioning member of society, and participate in this shit storm against my better judgement. because i am married to a man, le fisherman, i compiled a gift guide to help you through these dark and trying times.

for the techie guy:

apple tv 4k

ugh, we are dying for this one. not only does it work with that glorious 4k tv, but you can just tell siri what movie or show you want to watch, and she finds it for you. how many times have you searched netflix, hulu, amazon and apple, arduously spelling out names of movies one letter at a time, only to find that your show isn’t on that streaming service? it sounds like a small thing, but is honestly worth $180, imo.


(image: amazon)

apple airpods

i swear this post isn’t sponsored by apple. the fisherman pitched these to me the other day; the major benefit is of course, being wireless. but also, siri is always listening. you can tell her to call someone, adjust the volume, or change the song. They also know when they’re in your ears, and automatically stop playing when you take them out. creepy. $160


(image: amazon)

for the chef:

the fisherman is the chef in our house, and he plans all our meals using meal lime. you can plan your meals for the week super easily, finding dinners based on specific dietary needs. right now we’re eating low-carb vegetarian dishes, and it’s found us unique ideas with a lot of protein. it also makes the grocery list for the fisherman. there is a free version, and two levels of paid versions, with upgrades like nutritional information.

for the sparkling water fanatic:

soda stream

i know the soda stream is so 2005, but if you’re as obsessed with la croix as we are, you could save some big bucks with a soda stream. there are tons of flavors you can buy

{we actually prefer ours sans flavor}, to make drinking water much more enjoyable.


(image: amazon)

for the handyman:

klein screwdrivers

honestly i don’t know anything about these, but the fisherman recommends them. And he’s like, really handy around the house, so. take that as you will. they are high quality and a great price at $22.06 for a set of four.



(image: amazon)

for the farm to table enthusiast:

nesco fd-75a snackmaster pro food dehydrator

omg, have you ever had homemade beef jerky? if you’re a beef jerky enthusiast {which, who isn’t?} try one of these bad boys for your beloved. it comes with a few marinades, which are literally amazing. you can of course do some googling and find some of your own, but start out with the ones that come with it. you’ll regret nothing.   

other things we’ve dehydrated: strawberries, apples, cranberries and herbs. we only recommend the first two. $65.05


(image: amazon)

for the commuter:

herschel backpack

if your hubby isn’t on the 7:10 am inbound train sporting one of these, he’s not one of the cool kids. herschel is one of the trendiest brands for men right now. their sleek and simple outside design, coupled with a bright colored striped, inside keeps you guessing while staying classy. their looks are so versatile, you’ll see a senior marketing manager next to a nerdy software engineer, both boasting the same bag. $80.


(image: nordstrom)

for the guy who will wear ted baker:

ted baker london multifunction leather strap watch

everytime the nordstrom semi-annual sale comes around, i swirl around the racks frantically grabbing button-ups for the fisherman. it’s the best time to grab discounts on my favorite brands for him like ben sherman. i always try and slip a ted baker number in there, and he never takes the bait. when will he learn that floral patterns with a purple collar is actually very masculine?

this watch is gorgeous, simple and chic. it includes date, day and 24 hour subdials.



(image: nordstrom)

for the runner:

t.h.e. short, linerless, 7”

despite all the drama, we love lululemon. the fisherman has two pairs of these essential workout shorts, and wears them constantly. they’re comfortable af, don’t ride up when he runs, and are easy on the essentials, if you catch my drift. they come in three lengths; the fisherman buys the 7” ones because i love to see some skin. $58


(image: lululemon)

there you have it, something for every guy. now get your ass to nordstrom.

what are you getting your guy for v-day?




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