about the fisherman’s wife


hi! i’m caitlin. this is the autobiographical account of my life as a millenial marketing #ladyboss living in middle america.

i grew up on the west coast.

i graduated from a small public college in northern california with dual degrees in journalism and french. i lived abroad in southern france for a period of time.

my career began in technology public relations. i worked in downtown san francisco for almost three years, primarily for the company that brought you turbotax.

i’m basically obsessed with the bar method. i keep a small bottle of tapatio in my purse for brunch emergencies. my style outside of work can be described as athleisure. giraffes are my spirit animal. well, and mindy kaling.

by no small miracle, i’m recently married. my husband is from arizona and has a degree in international relations. he recently quit his job at a large financial firm {rhymes with schmoldman schmacks} and is now a computer programmer.

he is extremely outdoorsy. as you can probably guess, he plays the part of the fisherman in this eternal love story.

we are mormons. we love to eat guacamole


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