how i met the fisherman

everyone always told me love would come when i ‘wasn’t looking.’

excuse me. i was a 27 year old unmarried mormon woman. i was always looking.

and then, i met matt. it was a really, really hot day in july and the power was out in the avenues. we still had church {what?} but mercifully the bishop let us out early. i was hot and cranky, but got dragged to the ice cream mingle after church by my roommate. {ugh, i guess those things really do work?}

it was under the gorgeous green trees that we had our first conversation. we had a mutual friend who served his mission with matt in korea and he introduced us that sweaty day. i thought matt was adorable, but didn’t think much else of our interaction.

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the weeks went by and we saw each other {fairly} regularly as a result of our mutual friend group. we often ended up together. next to each other. in the same car. on the same couch. but neither of us really noticed.

then, park city happened. our group of friends planned a trip to park city, but matt had alternate plans that day, so he came late. i noticed i was really looking forward to him finally meeting up with us, and then once he did, we spent the afternoon chatting just the two of us while our other friends had their own conversation.

by then it was halloween. everyone was out of town except for us, so i {jokingly-ish} said, ‘well i guess it’s just you and me. date night!’ joke was on me {it usually is}. we now consider halloween our first date!

we met for lunch that day and picked up the ingredients for dinner in a pumpkin, a recipe i snagged from my bestie, jess. we spent an hour wandering around harmons {as matt’s colleague and work pal watched from the cafe level above} getting dinner stuffs and chatting.

we made dinner in a pumpkin that night and i went home thinking, hm. is there something happening here?

we went to fhe a few nights later and matt mentioned he wanted to see a movie. i was apparently very enthusiastic {probably because i was trying to see him again} and that enthusiasm encouraged that ‘date’ to happen. i put date in quotes because he later asked if we should invite other friends. ten very stressful minutes of laying on my roommate’s floor going over every word in my text later, i said no.

after that, the rest is {sort of} history. matt went to arizona that weekend for his brother’s wedding and we texted the whole time. i felt like something had to be happening. we made plans immediately upon his arrival back in salt lake to watch scott pilgrim {his favorite movie}. that night we kissed, and have been locking lips ever since!


we often say that we’re an unlikely couple. matt is very analytical and calculated, and i often emote all over the place and worry about the consequences much, much later. but we’re in love and that is a wonderful place to be.