pip the birthday pup

matt is an excellent gift giver. our first {read:only, so far} christmas together, i was stressing about what to buy him and thought i’d nip it in the bud and tell him we shouldn’t exchange gifts. spencer, one of my favorite former colleagues, told me this was a terrible idea because matt would think it was a trap. i decided to do it anyway. because, me. it was a trap. that i got stuck in.

when i told matt i didn’t want to exchange gifts, he told me he had already purchased mine.


so i ran to nordstrom and bought him a perfectly suitable gift {that he loves} and a few days later opened my brand new soda stream, and immediately began sparkling my water.

for my birthday, matt decided to surprise me. i am horrible at secret-keeping {i revealed his birthday gift weeks in advance. whoops!} but he is much better. i threatened to kiss him in front of god {and our bishopric} during sacrament meeting if he didn’t tell me, and i almost thought he’d crack. he didn’t.

my birthday {a monday} came and i made it through the work day only pleading once or twice for the surprise to be revealed. all matt would tell me was that he “rented something and it was being delivered at 5 pm MST.”

it was pouring rain {spring in utah, much?} and matt knocked on my door to reveal a tiny little chihuahua puppy under his bright blue rain coat. i practically squealed with delight as i swept little pip out of matt’s arms and into mine.

cait and matt pip

something to understand: i grew up with the two most adorable tiny chihuahuas. we loved those creatures every day for 15 years. tiny, yippy lap dogs have such a special place in my heart. mumsy and I saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua in the theatre.

Matt and pip

we spent the rest of the stormy evening making a birthday dinner {my favorite greek yogurt chicken and these fabulous ginger carrots matt makes} and taking turns picking up pip and playing with him while he bounced around our heels and enjoyed our company.


he was the perfect little companion, as chihuahuas so often are. after three hours with our tiny rent-a-puppy {that’s a real thing} we strolled down the street to return him to his foster mom.

last, but definitely not least, matt had flowers delivered to me at work, which i LOVE!

b day flowers

thank you so much to matt for such an amazing birthday and birthday weekend!

for more information on how to rent a puppy {and maybe fall in love and adopt him or her!} please click here.




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