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emily visits salt lake city!

“a best friend is not a person danny, it’s a tier.” -mindy lahiri

not only is mindy my idol in many ways, she often says things i can 100% relate to. emily summers has been my top-tier best friend for many, many years. we met one fateful day at brigham young university, idaho and kind of never looked back. we were both fish-out-of-water california girls stuck living in one of {what i consider to be} the most desolate places on the planet and immediately bonded over our love for quick-witted sarcasm, trashy celebrity magazine and glitter lip gloss.


emily and i have had our ups and downs, lived together both in california and idaho {neither ended well} but through it all have remained soul sisters for nearly ten years. last week, she came to visit salt lake on a business trip {say wha?} and i was so glad she did!

i love emily because she gets me in so many ways. we’re both a little wacky and we tend to see the world through the same set of eyes. once we took a class called ‘natural resource management’ because we thought it was about recycling. it was most definitely livestock-focused, but we kept bringing up wind farming in the hopes our teacher would finally be on topic. this eventually earned us the nickname, ‘the wind sisters,’ and we were never really able to shake it.

emily and i also seem to go through the same thing at the same time. we both had a few lost years with the church, but were able to come back about the same time, so we helped each other get through the days when our relief society president got up and said, ‘gosh sisters, TGIS, AM I RIGHT?!,’ among other odd mormon moments.


emily also got to meet matt! this was very important as she is my bestie and he is the love of my life. we went to this new chinese place matt read about in the salt lake tribune called hot dynasty. it boasts 249 dishes, one of which was frogs.

that’s right. frogs.

of course matt got them. ew. ew .ew!

in true matt fashion, he merrily plowed through his amphibians {yah, i said it} whilst pulling bones out of his mouth {omg!} and enjoyed {mostly} every minute of it. he did say he probably wouldn’t get it again. but i mean, who would? i am always amazed by his willingness to try new things, he is so adventurous!

we had a great time! i was so glad matt and em got to meet. two of the most important people in my life!

us at HD




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