wedding planning: temple and venue

so as you know, i am an event planner by profession. i plan fundraising events for a local non-profit and i’ve never been so happy at my job. whenever i tell people i am planning our wedding they always say, ‘well that must be a breeze for an event planner!’ i always sort of make a face and say, ‘well, it is and it isn’t.’

planning my own wedding is deeply personal. every decision, every color choice, every font is calculated. and analyzed. and ultimately, changed. every registry item and mason jar that i pick out feel like the commitment of a lifetime. that feels dramatic, but to me, it’s very real.

two decisions i am absolutely sure of and thrilled about {aside from the obvious one of my hubby to be} are the temple we’re getting married in and the reception venue. let’s start with the temple.

every since i was a wee little gal, i imagined myself getting married in oakland. growing up in the far northern desert of california, it was our only temple for year and years. i love the palm trees and the sweeping views of san francisco. especially considering my now-history with the beloved city, it seemed an obvious choice for when the time came.

then i got to engaged to someone from arizona. not only was my fiancee from a different state, but we currently live in a state where neither of our immediate families are. matt was born in utah and spent some time here as a child, as well as went to college here,  but loves the gilbert, az temple most of all. so i’m all: hmmm.

ultimately, we chose to get married in the salt lake temple. why? because it’s the temple where we live. it’s the temple we see every day. it’s the temple in the neighborhood where we fell in love. we spent the months of our courtship exploring salt lake city. we went to the symphony down the street, had our first date at Sixth & Pine inside Nordstrom across the way, and spent many afternoons cruising through the avenues. we chose the salt lake temple not because it’s some kind of symbol of ultimate mormonism, but because it’s our temple.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.47.18 PM


now, for the reception. we looked at a lot of venues. this is where being an even planner comes in handy-i know many, many places to have a party around this town. we spent weeks driving all over the city trying to find the perfect place {that was within our budget}. finally, we found it.

nestled in between 1st and 2nd avenue on K street, there is an unsuspecting little building that is slightly overgrown with vines and lush green plants. it has a small, darling gate that leads to an ever-so-quaint garden patio with cafe lights and small rocks that have calming, inspirational quotes carved into them. the entire thing smells of lavender. what could this be?

a yoga studio.

for years i’ve been a self-proclaimed yogi and fell in love with Avenues Yoga the minute i set foot in the charming building. one wall of the studio is entirely exposed brick, with sweeping windows and creaky wood floors. it feels vintage and quaint, but also hip and chic. the patio will be a perfect place for the mingling and celebrating in the crisp, fall october air. i couldn’t be more thrilled with our choice of reception venue and i can’t wait to have our party there!




wedding planning is a mix of pure elation and paralyzing stress and anxiety. i get through it because i know the best part is that at the end, i get to marry my best friend. i get to go home to this silly, wonderful, dashingly handsome, smart, witty and considerate man who has {for some reason} chosen to love me.




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