wow, what a crazy few weeks! being engaged is so fun. mostly. it’s an interesting in-between place to be. i feel so ready to be married. i am ready to be living together, ready to be decorating our little love nest, ready to be grocery shopping together {more than we already do, which is actually quite a bit} and so ready to not be shuffling back and forth between our apartments {that are a whole 6 blocks or so from each other.} matt was fishing with a friend from work a few weekends ago, and he said to him “dating was the best, being married is the best, but being engaged is the worst.” i felt i could relate to that a bit.

it does, however, have some fun perks. people are always asking me when the wedding is, how the planning is going, have i found my dress yet {ugh, no} and how i’m feeling about getting married. that’s where being an event planner is so fun, because i am always thrilled to talk about the details of our nuptials. it’s going to be quite the party.

taking engagement pictures are something i’ve thought about for a long time. growing up i always got wedding invites from friends and people in the ward, and my favorite part was always seeing the couple’s picture. i used to imagine what i’d want to do for my own engagements, and then the time finally came!

it took us a while to choose a photographer. we talked with a lot of married and engaged folks at work and in life, and the one thing they said over and over was to not skimp on photography. those who went with someone cheaper always regretted it, and those who spent a lot said it was worth every penny. so, we set out to find someone and came across Ashleigh Brown, who, in my bias opinion, is the best in town! we loved her style from her portfolio, and she specializes in outdoors, which made matt’s heart happy. we also felt like her rates were quite reasonable and so we felt great splurging a little bit on her. i am so glad we did!

we did our engagements last week, and it was such a fun night. we headed up to snow basin after work and spent the evening frolicking around in the mountains and the grass just posing and twirling and laughing. ashleigh was so awesome, she was great about telling us what poses looked best, when my chin was turned funny {apparently thats a thing i do} and which angles were most flattering. she was such a professional but also a ton of fun to be around.

below are some of my favorites! they were all amazing, but these are some highlights:













i could literally post of all these, i have so many favorites! huge thanks and shout out to Ashleigh Brown Photography ( for doing such a wonderful job and capturing us so beautifully! i can’t wait to see how the wedding turns out!




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