wedding planning: flowers

things have been really crazy around here. trying to plan a wedding and live your actual life at the same time is something i don’t really wish on anyone. i love to talk about the wedding, dream about the wedding and i tell matt every single day that i cant wait to be married to him. but man, i feel like life has me by the top-bun and is just dragging me along {a phrase my mother is fond of often saying.}

one thing i am so glad we have figured out is the wedding flowers. i put a measly $300 into the wedding budget for them {LOL} and when it came down to it i realized that would barely cover the bridal bouquet. i’m all: uhhhhh. but i scoured the internet and my beloved etsy and came up with a solution i would probably have done even if we had an unlimited wedding budget!

as anyone who has had one conversation with me knows, i am obsessed with france. my time in aix-en-provence is one of the things i hold most dear in my life and i think about my year there daily. one thing southern france is famous for is their fields on fields of lavender. they have lavender everything: ice cream, honey, macaroons, anything you can think of, they have a lavender version of it!

so i decided we would move things a bit into the french countryside rustic direction and have dried lavender as the flowers for the wedding and the bouquets.  i found this etsy shop out of montana that {presumably} is a lavender farm and ordered all of our flowers from this gal!

we did end up going over budget for flowers, but i am certain that my original assessment was unrealistic. the first bouquet in these photos {mine for the wedding day!} is one i pinned on pinterest weeks ago as something i liked, so when i saw it in this shop i thought it must have been meant to be!

{all photos are from etsy shop paulajeansgarden, which is where i ordered all the items from!}

i feel so relieved to have flowers taken care of. we are using dried lavender, lemons and mason jars for the centerpieces, so i also feel a huge weight lifted that we have that decided!

matt is really wonderful about wedding planning. he isn’t one for details, but he’ll always talk things through with me and weigh in if i ask his opinion on something. he never acts like the silly details are frivolous, and he’s willing to take all of the amazon deliveries to his apartment. i love him so much!










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