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wedding planning: formals

i am all about efficiency. usually. sometimes i lay in bed and watch reruns of the mindy project for hours when i need a break from life. but hey, we all do that. right?


but mostly, i like to get things done and have them to the printer on time, so to speak. that’s why matt and i decided to spend a few hours with our photographer a few weeks ago and take some pictures in our wedding gear! that way, we can save time on the big day and have some pics of us from the temple at the reception. there were so many to choose from that we loved, but here are a few of our favorites!

Matt Caitlin-Matt Caitlin Final-0002

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Matt Caitlin-Matt Caitlin Final-0062

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View More: Matt Caitlin-Matt Caitlin Final-0009

i also insisted we trek over to eva’s, our favorite french boulangerie where we frequently bought avocado toast before we started dating {and after, of course!}. it’s right across the street from where i used to work when i was at Method, and where matt works now.

it was a bit controversial to have matt see me in my wedding dress, but i don’t have a great track record for keeping secrets and never really have. plus i had to make sure he didn’t mind that it was pink {he doesn’t}. it was such a fun evening and i am so glad we did it!




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