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the wedding part one: getting ready + ceremony

well, we’ve been married for nearly six weeks and let me tell you: marriage is the best. we get to hang out every night after work and don’t have to worry about picking each other up or taking each other home. we see each other before work and even sometimes at lunch. i guess you could say we really like spending time together.

i’m not even really sure how to capture the wedding in writing. it was an incredible day. everyone always says what a blur their wedding was. and i’d agree with that to a certain extent, but i very vividly remember a lot of what happened.

saturday, october 17 dawned dark and stormy. yes, that’s right. we had rain coming our way. i had been checking the forecast all week, but was convinced it wouldn’t actually dribble water from the sky. denial is not just a river in egypt, folks.

we got up late and got everything ready for our little bridal party brunch. i wanted to get ready with everyone since i had so many out of town bridesmaids, so we rented out the social room at our apartment complex and invaded with curling irons, mascara, our nude heels and of course, chips and salsa.

inspired by kate middleton, i decided to do my own hair and makeup. i figured if the future queen of england can swipe her own foundation across her face, so could i! {if you don’t believe me, check this Hello! article from april of this year. Hello! is like, THE most reputable british/canadian royal gossip mag.}

our morning was spent jamming to adele and nelly {he’s a classic favorite of mine. shouldn’t be surprising…}, throwing on our makeup and gabbing about getting married. it was great to catch up with everyone and made the time go by so quickly. i was anxious to get going!

i didn’t have to wait long, as before i knew, it we were headed down 1st avenue, hand in hand, walking to the temple for our sealing.

mormons believe marriage lasts forever. we believe we’ll be together through the eternities, and that our commitment outlasts death.  we believe in order to participate in a ceremony that ‘seals’ you to one another forever, you must get married in a temple. i had only been to one other sealing, so i kind of knew what to expect, but i obviously had a front row seat this time.

our sealing was fantastic. the man who performed the ordinance was very funny, which i really appreciated. he cracked a few jokes when he met us, and then had our families giggling during his spiel about love and marriage before he performed the ceremony.

i thought i would be in hysterics during the sealing. i cry pretty easily and was feeling so many intense emotions that i was expecting to totally fall apart.

but a really surprising thing happened. while matt and i stared at each other, taking in the words of the covenants we were making, i couldn’t stop smiling. all that was running through my head was, ‘this is so great. i am so glad this is finally happening!’

not one tear was shed. at least, by us.

i changed into my pink wedding dress and headed out of the temple. i was devastated to see it was absolutely pouring rain, but we made the best of it and took as many pictures as we could before our bridal party was soaked {sorry, friends}.

Ashleigh Brown Photography-15

Ashleigh Brown Photography-8

Ashleigh Brown Photography-65

Ashleigh Brown Photography-53

Ashleigh Brown Photography-26

Ashleigh Brown Photography-14

Ashleigh Brown Photography-6

Ashleigh Brown Photography-34

Ashleigh Brown Photography-57

Ashleigh Brown Photography-37

Ashleigh Brown Photography-41

{all photos by Ashleigh Brown Photography}

stay tuned for the next installment about our romantic dinner and reception.




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