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the wedding part 2: dinner and reception

Hmm…where did we leave off?

oh yes, the pouring rain.

after we finished pictures at the temple, matt and i headed to martine, one of the most fabulous restaurants in salt lake. we’d made a reservation and let them know it was our wedding day, so they seated us at this darling table in the corner near the window.

when you walk into martine, you feel like you’re in my beloved san francisco. it’s kind of small and cramped, but in a charming, really-old-building-and-very-posh-and-cosmopolitan kind of way. everything was hard wood and dare i say a bit like a speakeasy. we were on a high from just being married and it felt like nothing could ever go wrong again.

matt got the seared tuna and i got the chicken and potatoes.  everything was rich and bursting with tastebud-tickling flavor, as if the chef had prepared it just for us in his home. it was so fantastic to be able to spend that hour and half just talking and being together before the reception. it was important to me that we spent as much time together as possible that day so we remember it as our day.

the rain eventually stopped as we hopped in the car and headed to the reception.

as we entered the small, circular gate that leads to the stone walkway heading into the garden, we were greeted by a large sign that read, “welcome to the wedding of caitlin and matt.” i had seen this sign a million times {and had it in my living room for a month,} but felt like i was seeing it for the first time as we walked hand and hand through the trees and onto the cafe-lit patio.

everything was set up just as i had envisioned–even better if that’s possible. the twinkling lights hanging from the trees were like tiny candles lighting patio through the dark and stormy night.

the reception was a little bit of blur. i remember seeing most everyone, but sometimes i see photos and think, “i do NOT remember talking to them…!” which a little makes me feel bad. but, such is life.

it was amazing how many people came out to the reception. at one point i looked around and couldn’t believe how many people we love–and that love us!

two hours flew by. i couldn’t believe it when my bridesmaids gave me the heads up that it was 8:45 and we needed to gather for the send off. there were so many people i still needed to talk to! but i was obviously very excited to get to the stein 😉

i want to say a HUGE thank you to our friends and family who helped out the week and day of the wedding. we could NOT have done it without the last minute flower cutting, burlap hot-gluing, trash can finding, sweeping and cleaning of those close to us. we love and are so grateful for you!

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