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we have a big announcement! {no, we’re not pregnant. who’s paying for that?}

last week, matt quit his job. please excuse me while i go cry in the corner.

as most everyone knows, for the last three years matt’s been working in compliance for the largest investment bank in the world*. it’s been a wonderful first job for him out of college and i’m really grateful for the experiences he’s had and the friends he’s made. we celebrated his birthday a few weekends ago and sat around korean bbq with many beloved pals, most of them his fellow office dwellers and open-workspace mates. his old roommate {who was a groomsman at our wedding} was on his team, our mechanic was his desk mate and i used to go to spin class with the girl who sat across from him.

when matt decided the banking world wasn’t for him, he went on a journey to figure out what he’s passionate about. it came down to {mostly} one thing: solving puzzles.

after a lot of research and talking to friends in the industry, matt landed on something: web development. he has a good friend from home who is a developer and had a lot of good advice, tips and tricks for learning how to code.

he decided if he was going to learn how program, he was going to be ‘all in,’ so to speak. he did a lot of research on coding bootcamps and landed on devpoint labs, a local school in downtown salt lake. when he told me he wanted to quit and enroll in their full-time program, i died a little on the inside. but now, i think it’s a great decision.

matt started his classes on monday. things are going really well! he’s already learned a lot and is enjoying the challenges learning a new skill entails. it seems he has a renewed energy and is excited about this new phase in his life.

i’m so happy and proud of him that he had the courage and tenacity to seek out something new when he could have stayed in something comfortable {with really awesome benefits. seriously you should look in to its paternity leave, alone}. i think this new career path with be both challenging and rewarding, which is all we can really ask for, right?



*i have no idea if this is true. in fact, it’s not.





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