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italian cooking class

i’ve never been into cooking. it wasn’t until i met matt that i even planned to be in the kitchen regularly. i always thought my nanny would take care of that. but sometimes nannies don’t show up until much later in life. and one must learn new skills sooner than one expected.

spoiler alert: when i say one, i mean me.

matt loves to cook. he grew up in a {nuclear and extended} family that takes food very seriously, and i’ve had to…make some adjustments. like eating salmon for the first time this weekend {it was amazing, thanks to his aunt eileen.} before we met i wouldn’t have entertained the idea of eating fish for one single second. and the other week, i ate a fish that matt caught. like, from the lake. it was alive only hours ago. ugh, okay let’s stop talking about this.

anyway, it’s matt’s birthday month! i love birthday month. it’s basically an excuse to do anything you want  for 30 days and claim, “it’s birthday month! anything goes! yolo!”

the other day, i got an email from sur la table stating that their cooking classes were half off last week. generally, their classes are prohibitively expensive {$80 + a person per class!} so we’ve never been able to take one. but at $40 a class, it was much more manageable. i decided it would be the perfect birthday gift for my dear husband.

the menu was: 

tasty tiny meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

cavatappi with grilled zucchini and lemon herb ricotta

asparagus wrapped in pancetta

zabaglione with strawberries

it was amazing! we had a great time and it was super yummy





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