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happy one-year anniversary of the blog {plus, my birthday!}

may is always a big month around here.

for starters, it’s my birthday! this year was extra special because we celebrated it a few times.on my actual birthday i had a big event at work, so we went to dinner at olive garden, and then to frozen yogurt that night. my parents sent a gift card to the og {it’s one of their favorites!} so we channeled them as we enjoyed our soup, salad, bread sticks and pasta.

since i had an intense work day on my birthday, we decided the next saturday was the day to celebrate. we went to brunch at current fish and oyster {of which i am obsessed!} and it was uh-maizing. we woke up to a rainy day, but didn’t let that stop us. i had the biscuits and gravy {with green chilies, genius!} and matt had the oyster mushroom omelette.

isn’t my husband the cutest?! i sure think so.

after we ate, we headed to sugarhouse to see a movie at our favorite movie theatre, cinemark movies 10. this is our favorite theatre, and only one we’ll see movies in now, because of the recliner seats. that’s right, each person has their very own over-sized reclining chair. it’s literally the coolest thing on the planet. I KID YOU NOT. they are the only way to watch a movie.

we saw zootopia, which was absolutely adorable. now that i am a grown up {ha} i notice a lot of themes in disney movies i didn’t as a child. the basic story line is about a bunny who wants to be a police officer the big, bad city. she lives in a world where predator and prey coexist, but only predators are police officers. she breaks the mold, moves to ‘zootopia’ and joins the force, only to be assigned parking duty and mocked by her fellow {ginormous} colleagues.

while writing traffic tickets, she meets a sly fox while on the job {voice by jason bateman, one of my favorites actors of all time} who is her nemesis at first, but ends up partnering with her to uncover a conspiracy masterminded by the deputy mayor of zootopia, a darling sheep. she saves the day and is revered by all. the underlying themes are acceptance of people who are different, you can do anything despite your station in life and perseverance.

it was a wonderful day and we had a great time celebrating! matt got me a few kitchen items i’ve been eyeing and officially, i am in the last year of my 20s.

the other celebration in may is the one-year anniversary of the fisherman’s wife! i started this blog when matt and i were dating, and my first post was about him renting a puppy for my birthday. what a year it’s been!




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