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restaurant review: hub & spoke diner

i swear we do more than just loiter in restaurants. i mean, i guess? no, we do. well, i went to california two weeks ago, and so much happened while i was there and since i’ve been back in salt lake. once we get settled into what’s been happening, i’ll post about it! but for now,… Continue reading restaurant review: hub & spoke diner

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restaurant review: proper burger

all hail the proper restaurant family! matt and i love burgers. i’d say like, 60% of the time he asks me what i want for dinner, it’s a burger. it’s a little odd because red meat is actually not one of my favorites, but there’s something about an old fashioned burger that just…sounds amazing! this… Continue reading restaurant review: proper burger

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italian cooking class

i’ve never been into cooking. it wasn’t until i met matt that i even planned to be in the kitchen regularly. i always thought my nanny would take care of that. but sometimes nannies don’t show up until much later in life. and one must learn new skills sooner than one expected. spoiler alert: when i… Continue reading italian cooking class