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restaurant review: proper burger

IMG_0266all hail the proper restaurant family!

matt and i love burgers. i’d say like, 60% of the time he asks me what i want for dinner, it’s a burger. it’s a little odd because red meat is actually not one of my favorites, but there’s something about an old fashioned burger that just…sounds amazing!

this was actually our third time at proper burger. the sister restaurant of avenues proper, this hipster hang out is situated between 8th and 9th S on main street. i heard through the grapevine {aka my cube neighbor chelsea, the critically acclaimed salt lake city voice behind food and cocktail blog heartbeat nosh} that there’s an effort to revitalize this portion of main street, with decadent confectionary v chocolates moving in across the street, also. i’ll believe it when i see it.

anyway, across from proper burger is sister number 3, proper brewing co., which is the bar version of the family.

proper burger is {what looks to be} a garage turned burger joint. it has beautiful steel roll doors with huge windows that let in light at just the right angle. the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the patio is top notch.

matt’s gotten several burgers during our visits to proper. he started with the rising sun, which includes kimchee, miso aioli, cilantro, fried egg, sriracha and pickled cucumber. this time around, he got the sundance kid, which has delights like house bbq sauce, bacon, onion ring, frito crumbles and cheese whiz.

i get the same thing every time, the proper style. it’s pretty basic {ha!} with caramelized onion, american cheese, tomato, lettuce, zucchini pickles and proper sauce. in my opinion, the bun is one of the real stars of this meat-laden show.

we also branched out and tried the peach milkshake–it was delicious! made with chunks of real peaches and peach compote, blended with vanilla ice cream, it was the perfect treat for a hot summer night.

lastly, we tried the cheese fries. i actually wouldn’t get them again, the cheese had a really artificial taste. i guess what did i expect from ‘cheeze whiz fries?’ plus they’re an extra $2, which honestly just wasn’t worth it. my advice: skip the cheeze whiz and just get the regular, they are awesome.

overall, we love proper burger. and will continue to frequent this burger lover’s haven. and always remember: never prim, always proper.









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