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new jobs, new apartment!

i love this time in our lives. things change second by second and every day seems to bring a new adventure and challenge.

i haven’t posted about it, but matt officially graduated from devpoint labs at the end of july {i know, it’s been a while. but there’s a good reason!}. i went to visit my parents in california while he looked for jobs and had a wonderful time {maybe i’ll post about it, maybe i won’t. can’t make guarantees right now}.

just a few short weeks after graduation, matt received and accepted a fantastic job offer as a developer at a tech shop in the healthcare space called verisys. he’s working in the language that he studied, ruby, and is already getting a lot of great experience. he likes his colleagues and is enjoying life in the developer culture–which as you can image is a stark contrast to his days working for the largest investment banking firm in the world*.

not one to be left out, i also got a new job! i was missing the world of pr and itching for something new, so i started a gig as senior pr counsel for an ad and marketing shop. the firm specializes in the natural products space, which is a great fit for my hippie-california upbringing. for the first time in my career, i have an office! i have some kate spade prints burning a hole in my etsy cart that i need to commit to and get them on my new wall!

speaking of new walls, we also moved! doing everything at once seemed like a super plan {spoiler alert, it wasn’t}. i won’t give too many details because, the internet, but we love our new apartment! it’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 walk-in closets.

matt basically has his own man cave we call ‘the study’ and i have my very own lady bathroom, complete with kate spade shower curtain and hand towels. i can leave all my makeup, blow dryer, dry shampoo, etc., out and never feel guilty. it’s amazing! we’re still kind of getting things set up, but we are in love.

so here we are, just weeks away from our first wedding anniversary, and i can’t believe how fast the time has gone! so much has happened, especially in the last four weeks.



img_0307us at matt’s graduation from devpoint labsimg_0404boxes on boxes at the new placeimg_0401boxes on boxes at the old place img_0406my favorite kate spade mug among all the madness

*this is not true.


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