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sf: a love story

so, i know i never talk about this, but i used to live in san francisco.

{subtle shout-out to one laura thomas}

right after i graduated from college, i moved to the most beautiful city in the world and remained a resident of the city by bay for nearly three years. it was the best place i could have started out as a pr professional. i learned 10000 life lessons and met some of the best people i’ve ever known. san franciscans are my people, and driving across the golden gate bridge with all my belongings in tow, headed for salt lake, was nothing short of traumatic.

this summer, one of my besties from college got married on the peninsula and i made the trip to california to attend and stay with my folks for a few days. since i moved to utah, i’ve done my best to avoid going back to the city because every time i drive across the bay bridge this i am practically sick that i don’t live there anymore. it obviously worked out, i married matt, which trumps all things ever, but. have you ever driven across the bay bridge? it’s a spiritual experience.

anyway, i stayed with one of my most loyal companions, laura {mentioned above}. i actually met her here in salt lake when we worked at a pr firm together. she moved to the city a few months after i moved to salt lake and got to meet a lot of the people i’d been talking about. she rode the faithful n-judah muni train, as i had once done, and lived under the oppressive blanket of karl the fog for two years.

the first night i was there, we went to off the grid, followed by an extensive evening walk around the marina to susie cakes. speaking of spiritual experiences: their cupcakes are made by angels from heaven.

img_0323img_0321img_0322because fries should always come with carne asada img_0324img_0325img_0327img_0334

if you find yourself in sf, head to the marina. it’s the cutest, most charming, neighborhood in the city.

i always dreamed of a day in the life of marina girl says.

other foodie top picks in the marina are:

Super Duper 

Blue Barn 

Roam  (featured on diners, drive-ins and dives)


Bistro Aix

The Tipsy Pig 

Rose’s Cafe 

also, be sure you click on that marina link above.

now that’s life in the 94123.


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